“Hamburger Helper” my way.

We grew up loving Hamburger Helper meals- I was a big meat eater till 6 1/2 years ago – and now I miss it sometimes. I try to avoid frozen or instant meals as much as possible so although making the meal from a box with a pack of fake meat does the job, I prefer to make my own.

It’s a funny story how I came to throw these things together. Well it’s nto really a funny story, more of an ironic one. I was craving a tomato-y sauce one night and had 1) no tomatoes and 2) no pre-made jars of sauce. I was tempted to just make some mac and cheese but instead I decided to try soemthing with the can of tomato soup I found. I can’t remember the exact ingredients but it was something very similar to this. When I took a bite and realized it tasted exactly like original hamburger helper, I was more than a little pleased.

OK here’s the ironic part: I told me sister about it and she said oh yeah we used to make that when we were kids. WHAT? I didn’t remember that. Here I was thinking I had just made something pretty special and wanted to share it with the world… only to find out the world already knew. Ouch world, ouch. So since my sister was NOT impressed by my discovery, maybe you will be!

Super easy hamburger helper – not from a box!
unless you cound the box of pasta…

Onion – (I used about 1/4)
Pasta – (this depends on the sauce to pasta ratio and how many mouths you need to feed)
1 can of tomato soup (I found this one that is 25% less sodium)
Ground Round (or ground beef… but I do not encourage cow killing)
Spices (I used italian spices )

Saute diced onion in oil in a medium size pot on low-med heat. When onion becomes translucent,add the can of tomato soup. Fill can about  1/3 full with water and add to mix. Let simmer on low-med heat till the onions are at the desired texture. Add ground round and spices, mix and cook a little longer. In a seperate pot, bring water to a boil and cook pasta. Add drained pasta to sauce, stir and serve. (You can add cheese but I try to make my meals as healthy as I can so I opt out of that step)

I know I didn’t give good quantities but to give you an idea, I had enough for about 4 servings.

A lot of vegetarians don’t enjoy fake meat but sometimes it’s just the comfort associated with of a particular dish that I really miss.


2 thoughts on ““Hamburger Helper” my way.

  1. this is not helping my starving belly. I’m trying to hold off til the M get’s home since we are making mini za’s together.. but I might need to gnaw on a cat for awhile.

    kidding. I get enough hairballs from my pillows, I don’t need more straight from the source.

  2. Way too fancy for me.
    But it does look appetizing… damn you and your vege-delights.
    My transition into vegetarianism is slipping back… I don’t know how much longer I can keep going… Meals like this give me hope though.
    Merci. :-)

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