Onions have layers. Ogres have layers

It is starting to get too cold for this coat!  I am waiting as long as I possibly can to get my body used to the cold before I pull out the winter coat.  I’m still freezing my butt off as I type this though (INDOORS) so I’m thinking it’s not working… Luckily the ski hills are opening soon and that will make the cold worth it! In the winter, I spend my weekends bundled up on the couch or bundled up on my snowboard.

I love this Roxy scarf I bought last fall.  With the weather here, another scarf is never a bad investment. At least I  held back and didn’t buy the matching hat.

The days till Christmas are counting down and my stress level is increasing at the same rate. There are still birthday parties and christmas parties and dinners before Christmas. Nobody should be allowed to be born in the month of December, it’s just not practical for the rest of us. Plus who wants to come second place to Christmas? Perfect, now think of that if you are trying to conceive! Now would be a good time to start, September does not inconvenience me (unless it’s labour day).

I’m going to make an effort to get some interesting outfit shots on weekends from now on. As I’ve mentioned a million times, it’s really the only time I get to see daylight.

p.s. Paige’s blog is one year old today! Congrats lady friend!

p.p.s. Morgan and I need to start a crazy dog lady club. Are there any other crazy dog lady bloggers out there?


4 thoughts on “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers

  1. I’m surprised how few people post with their pups. Considering the amount I hear about cats around blogs.

    Oh well! Lua’s happy she gets to come on long walks with me so it works for us.

  2. thaaaaaaanks! thanks for the mentions, for the [blog] bday wishes, for the new header…you are truly a lovely friend.
    you’ve posted a lot of great photos on this blog of yours, but these are hands down my fave. i love the feel of them…you with your adorable pup, those kick ass booties…and those layers…that scarf is amazing. i dig it.

  3. Your hair looks faaahhhhbulous.

    And you can count me in on the dogblog. Duncan’s not as regular as your little snaggle-face or as Lua, but I can change that.

    I’m in charge, you know.



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