Just a few pictures from the last couple of days.
(from barely any snow this weekend to about a foot in 24 hours)

Despite turning my 1.5 hour commute Monday night into a 2.5 hour one, I am happy about the snow. The mountains are opening soon (or already open) and it’s just so pretty outside! Instead of everything looking dead, it’s now dead with a pretty white layer!

I even threw on my winter coat this morning. And I only wore it because it was -19°C (-2°F) with the wind when I got up this morning. Yup it’s December. Apparently I was still in denial until today.


10 thoughts on “Neige

  1. I would normally say something to the effect of “Good riddance to your bloody snow”, perhaps with a splash of more vulgarities, however seeing as I’ve recently purchased some shiny new snowshoes (which I’m really excited about), I’m beginning to see the appeal.

    But just barely.

    Where’s the cooking blog? As snazzy as those rubber boots look, they don’t appear edible, even if they are vegetarian.


  2. In pictures, snow looks fun. In real life, I dread it. I never quite got the hang of driving in the snow! Plus, I always manage to end up with very soggy feet. I guess I’d benefit from some rubber boots, huh? Geez, I can’t wait until I’m out of a snowy climate!

  3. Jealous of your snow!
    Although in terms of your commute VERY VERY sucky indeed….it once took me 4 hours to drive home from work in a snowstorm and after the 2nd hour I just cried and cried clutching the wheel. Not because I don’t like snow, or even mind driving in it, I just thought I was never.ever.getting.home.
    And we all know there’s no place like that place!

  4. Very oddly, there is snow all around us but Hamilton has nothing. We are in a weird little bubble over here… though I am sure it will come in heaps later.
    And yes… outside outfit shots are getting freaking cold and it is hard work to catch the sun. Grrrrr… when is spring?

  5. I love these photos! I’m always referring to myself as queen of some mountain or another. Ooh, and such warm looking boots! I covet them, or at least a pair just like them.

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