Bon weekend!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend filled with festive drinks [as I sip my peppermint hot cooa], christmas parties, friends and family, stress-free holiday shopping [fat chance!] and generally good times.

And when you start panicking or getting bummed about this time a year, just think about the good!  Think about how lucky you are!

I love Christmas party Friday. It means I can leave work at 3!

Happy weekend everyone!

p.s. I KNOW it’s cheesy (and it’s the first thing I put on my first ever website 10 years ago when I learned basic html) but I LOVE the falling snow!


3 thoughts on “Bon weekend!

  1. As the read the words “…festive drinks”, I was literally, at that precise moment, sipping from a warm egg nog with Screech (Newfoundland rum, for those of you unfamiliar with it). Yummy. Well deserved after a tiring evening at work…
    And no, not Friday for me yet… Sunday will be my Friday… or something.

    Ha! Falling snow! Same here, I didn’t notice until you mentioned it! Maybe it’s due to the fact that your entire page is so white…
    It’s pretty cool though.

    Good luck focusing on the ‘good’. It’s not easy this time of year…

  2. Hope you had fun at your Christmas party. I had mine last night as well. It was actually a pretty sad evening, I had to say quite a few goodbyes to co-workers. I was getting all kinds of sappy. The open bar couldn’t have helped that. I’m taking it relatively slow this morning, which is no doubt the result of a couple of festive cocktails. Oh, and I owe you an email. I keep meaning to write it, but want to have time to write you another novel. But hope all is well!

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