What I Wore | Winnie

We’ve been getting so much pretty fluffy snow, it’s amazing. I’m highly considering taking a vacation day Friday and going snowboarding. How can I not take advantage of all this snow?

The weekend was spent partying (work Christmas party-ing that is), celebrating my sister’s birthday with the family, attempting to do some present shopping (and failing) with some sleeping in between it all.

Hurley and I ventured out this afternoon – after a morning blizzard – to take some outfit pictures. I wore a variation of this Saturday night for my sister’s birthday dinner but since I didn’t get pictures, I repeated it with some changes. I found out today that although these boots stay pretty dry during rainy days, they do NOT when I’m trekking through snow and slush for a few hours.

I really love this old man sweater. I was telling my aunt & mom how it had a name in the collar written in pen [Winnie] and they said oh it’s probably someone who was in an old folks home. SO someone possibly died in this sweater.. kind of freaked me out. Then 5 seconds later, I got over it.


4 thoughts on “What I Wore | Winnie

  1. I can’t believe you were contemplating NOT getting this hurr cut. If I didn’t like you so much, I’d consider hating you for being able to pull off both the fuckadelic blonde half short do.. AND the dark pixie. Luckily I’m also not 12 so hating someone for jealousy doesn’t happen as much anymore. mostly never.. except for that one chick…

    is it February yet?

  2. You have no idea what seeing the title of this post did for me!
    I will be posting something about it tomorrow….but holey manoley….your post title was a sign, sign, everywhere there’s signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. where have i been?! look at all this grade A material I’m missing. you’re all dolled up and your pretty hair! i’ve been gone too long, you’ve changed so much! speaking of grade A, that’s what i better get considering my nose has been buried in my books for the better part of november/early december. i’m done! and coming out of hibernation. look at all your lovely layers. almost makes me wish it was snowing here. that’s actually a lie, i don’t want snow. but i want those layers. i broke the record for amount of fragmented sentences in one post. goodnight!

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