A day in photos – 5$ day

I took Friday off of work to go on my first day snowboarding this season. The mountain was having their anniversary 5$ day (as opposed to the 60$ a day they usually charge) so I could not resist. I got up at 5:50AM so that Matt could drop me off at my parents’ place before he had to be at work for 8am. Snowboarding is one of the few things I will sacrifice sleep for.

Despite the lack of sleeping in and the fact that I left my coffee in Matt’s car when he dropped me off, I had a great day. I ran into a friend who has been up North (wayyyy up north) for most of the year, and saw the usual townspeople. I got my poutine for lunch (with sweet potato fries) as usual and around 3:30 we called it quits.

And then I got a piece of homemade cheesecake and met up with Matt to go get ready for his mom’s birthday party. And that was just Friday. Crazy weekend. Six days till Christmas and I’m not even done my shopping. I miss the days when Christmas only meant receiving gifts, not giving. It was way less stressful.


3 thoughts on “A day in photos – 5$ day

  1. Those are beautiful shots. I totally need to spend at least a day at the mountain when I’m down, especially with my new snowshoes and new camera.
    Homemade cheesecake, eh? Sounds awfully familiar…

  2. aw i’m jealous! i haven’t been snowboarding since the prices were hiked beyond reason… i remember when i used to go (FOR FREE) with my high school. AND we got to miss a half day of school…

    those were the days.

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