What I wore | As good as it gets

It doesn’t get much cozier than this folks. I wore this outfit for approximately 2 hours – in between long johns for snowboarding and party dress – just long enough to run out and take pictures before the sun disappeared.

I bought these tights about 2 years ago and I found them last week in a drawer thinking how lucky I was to have found a pair of thick tights I had forgotten I had. Then I put them on. And remembered why they were exiled. One leg is longer than the other. This is actually very annoying but I managed to wear them and then again out for the party that night.

And the cape. Oh this cape. I found out that it’s really not ideal to wear a coat (that has sleeves) on top of a cape. Lesson learned. Cape – 1 Emily – 0. I found it at the church basement sale this fall for 2 or 3 dollars and I’m pretty sure someone hand knitted this guy. Pretty awesome, no? I need to learn how  to knit capes. Oh and make my own mukluks too. Hey, the indians did it!

Can you believe Christmas is in a few days? I don’t have a tree (I always mean to then never do) so I don’t often feel festive till the last minute at my parents’ place piling the presents under the tree. This year is no exception. If feeling festive meant running around like a nut trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, then you could call me Santa.

Shadow – my dad’s dog / photo shoot supervisor


4 thoughts on “What I wore | As good as it gets

  1. This is such a fun look! I love the boots and poncho. How odd is it that you have tights with uneven legs?! That is a very strange defect.

    P.S. I love the “snow” on your page.

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