What I Wore | Birthday cocktail party

I’ve had this dress for way too long without wearing it, I j ust never seem to have the right occasion. My sister bought it for me from Forever 21 before there was a store in Montreal (and before I stopped shopping there…). She also bought me the necklace – same story – for my birthday 2 years ago. I sound like a dog with a bell around my neck when I walk with this necklace on so I don’t wear it very often. It would interfere with my sneaking up on coworkers at work. But as I was heading to a birthday party/cocktail party I felt the dress and necklace were appropriate. I only realized after that I was all decked out in F21.

3 more days till Christmas! I have one more day and a half of work then I head down to my parents’ for a long weekend. I am pretty much done my holiday shopping so tonight I will be wrapping up gifts. I’ll throw on Raffi’s Christmas Album and get into the Christmas spirit finally on December 22nd.


One thought on “What I Wore | Birthday cocktail party

  1. you look lovely! (but where are those geeky glasses?? ;P)

    i took one photo and when i turned around I noticed that the snowplow was patiently waiting for me to get out of the damn road. i pretended to pack up my things so he would plow on by… it could have been a close call, i suppose :)

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