April: Started my blog (slowly) and I got my DSLR camera. This was something I had wanted to buy for years and I finally dove right in and got one. I don’t regret it for one minute.

May: I bleached my hair! My long pretty curly hair. (I had a master plan). I turned 26 and hosted a birthday party at my place.

June: I chopped off most of my hair and shaved part of it too. It was a funky haircut but I loved it… for a few weeks.

July: I did a guest post for Merl. Thank you again pretty lady! I enjoyed lots of beer, dancing and fried food at the Highland Games.

August: Surprise surprise, I chopped off more hair. I went to New York for the first time with a friend. (one, two, three & four posts of NY). Our good friends got married finally and we partied till the wee hours.

September: brome fair – this meant more fried food. I wen to my first clothing swap and got some goodies.

October: My sister and I went to the loulou shopping event.

November: Started my 13 for 30 challenge. My sister turned 30 and so did Matt and helped plan surprise parties for both. I also got my final haircut of the year. Finished my 13 for 30 challenge feeling pretty happy about it.

December: Paige asked me to guest post for her while she spent time with her family. I didn’t spend any money on myself so I could save for an upcoming trip. I spent a great Christmas with my family and friends getting spoiled.

It’s been a busy year and I hope this blog will bring more adventures in 2011. I already have some exciting stuff planned! Have a happy new year and see you all in 2011!


One thought on “2010

  1. As a fairly new reader to your blog, I really enjoyed this recap of your year! You did go so radical with your hair, I find that really impressive and ballsy. I get mine cut twice a year, if that. Happy New Year!!

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