Resolutions for 2011

I wore a bow – and a double chin – It’s festive…  

We don’t attend parties where there are no jello shots

Drinking Jenga

I can’t stop making these. I’m considering having them for supper tonight

More shots consisting of unholy colorful liquids? Yes Please.

More drinking games… the photos AFTER this point are rated PG13.

A few things that I need to do in 2011:

1) Get back into shape
I haven’t had a gym membership in about a year and a half and I can’t bring myself to fork out the cash again. I already have trouble motivating myself to get up and walk to the bathroom, asking me to get up, jump on a bus go to the gym, change, work out, change/shower, jump back on a bus and come home is like asking me to listen to Justin Bieber. SO that being said, I just decided – a few days ago – that I want to take kickboxing classes. But do I need to get in shape before I start that kind of class? I mean… I probably can’t even touch my toes anymore.

2) Get organized
those who know me in real life know that I am “messy” I take out 100 different things to wear and I hardly ever have the energy to put them back onto the hangers when I’m not wearing them. I take things out to start a project in the spare room and they end up staying there sprawled out. I CANNOT be the only one who does this… maybe I’m just the only one who doesn’t always pick it up before guests come over? Hey Matt was the one who wanted to move in together, he should have known. Right now my system of shoving papers wherever they fit on the desk MAY not be ideal. to be determined at tax season or if I get audited.

3) Travel
I know I say this every year [to myself] so it’s one of those “yeah yeah self, SURE you will… ” resolutions. HOWEVER, this resolution is in the bag (is that an expression? I think so) because I already have one trip planned for February and ideally more will follow suit. It’s not that I’m not willing, it’s just that money and vacation time seem to … err not exist very much.

4) Stay in school
Nope, this isn’t a “the more you know” moment. When I realized that most of my money was going down the drain also known as school, I had to think good and hard about keepin on. I only take night classes so it’s not an excessive amount. I don’t have any dept and schooling is a lot cheaper in Canada than a lot of other places so I shouldn’t be complaining. However I enjoy having the cushion that is money in a savings account. Despite taking a break from classes this winter (first time in 2 years) I want to jump right back in this spring. Sadly the class I want to take is 450$ and is 10 weeks long. Yowsa.

 5) Be a yes (wo)man
I just made that term up. Ok FINE. I just watched Yes Man last night… you caught me. The lesson to learn in that movie is to try new things (that are reasonable… that old lady scene disturbed me) even if you are hesitant. I need to learn the guitar… I think mine is going to end up a pile of dust in my hands next time I pick it up. Or maybe there are already some wild animals living in it. Once I learn kickboxing, I’ll take care of them.

6) Try new recipes
Since I don’t eat meat and avoid processed foods as much as possible, I try to buy raw ingredients and cook as much as possible. Since I get home at almost 7pm, I’m not always in the mood to whip something up from scratch but I’m gonna try to make new things on weekends.

Ok this is taking too much brain power, if I think of new resolutions, I’ll do a part 2.


5 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2011

  1. Hahahaha, maybe you should resolve to only drink alcohol in unholy colors – imagine where a year of that would take you! Seriously, it sounds like you made some really good resolutions, I look forward to seeing you follow through during this upcoming year!

    xo, Ashley

  2. welp.. you already saw how I looked on NYE. In my defense, I was carrying about 100 lbs of bloat. I blame excessive crying and large intakes of salt and diet pepsi. But I’m trying to keep my reso of treating my body with respect going with daily walks with my mom n the pups, wii fit and lunges in between crafting new gems. I’m also going to suck it up and head to the small local grocery store with my mom to get more than just the fake chicken patties she’s been feeding me. I just need to glance at the photos from my trip to Philly to keep my ass in gear.

    I’m booking my ticket late tonite. I just read an article in the New York Times about how to travel for less, and since I didn’t buy mine 3-4 months ago like I should’ve I’m waiting til the airlines introduce the sales for the week which supposedly take place Monday night into Tuesday. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!

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