What I wore | Cottage living

“Cottage living” seems a little too tame for the weekend we had. Nevertheless, I associate fireplaces, snow and cottages with leggings, wool socks, wool everything really.

 In September, my sister and I went to a vintage sale and I fell in love with an owl pendant. Unfortunately it was 34$ and although I was tempted, I did not think it was worth it. So when my sister saw this owl in Australia, she picked it up for me for Christmas. I love good gift givers. And my aunt gave me this sweater for Christmas. I know,  I get spoiled.

And here is a little tour of the cottage we stayed at. It had a hot tub in the back and was a 2 min walk to one of the ski hills. We all wanted to move in.

Thanks for the lack thereof memories cottage!


6 thoughts on “What I wore | Cottage living

  1. If we call that a cottage… then we call my addiction to Diet Coke minor. Did that make sense?
    I do however like weekends away in ski country… without the skiing though!

  2. Eleanor – you should have seen the jacuzzi tub upstairs and the hot tub out back!
    Jentine – We spent 2 hours on the mountain. Then went back to drinking
    Megs – I LOVE your cottage, it’s so cozy

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