Recipe | THE Best Broccoli Stirfry

This is probably the easiest yet most delicious veggie meal I make [not that I really make non veggie meals..] When we visit friends in Ottawa, I always look forward to going to the Green Door restaurant while the boys play videogames and eat chicken wings and pizza. For my birthday, my lovely friend mailed me their recipe book and I immdeiately looked for the broccoli recipe because it’s to die for. Now I always make sure to buy broccoli when I do groceries so I can make this dish.

As I don’t really measure things, I’ll give you the basics and you can play around to your taste.

Peppers (I use red or yellow because I don’t like green)
Green Onions
Grated Carrot

Grated Ginger Root

Heat oil in large wok and add tofu cubes. Cook 10-15 minutes turning the cubes so that all sides get browned. (Don’t cook too long, they are better if they are still soft but crispy – not too crispy) Mix sauce ingredients together with a bit of water. Add grated carrots,  broccoli and sauce. Cook till broccoli is mostly done. Add thinly sliced peppers and green onions. Add cornstarch to a bit of water and mix together in a bowl. Add mixture to sauce and let cook a few more minutes till sauce thickens.

VOILA! That’s it. It’s so hearty and filling that you don’t even need to serve it on anything. However, I warn you that you may end up picking at the leftovers till you have none left.

[P.s. you try that soy sauce and you will NEVER go back. You will “accidentally” get it on your fingers just so you can lick it off]



4 thoughts on “Recipe | THE Best Broccoli Stirfry

  1. So weird that you posted this! My cousin and I went the other day and she was asking me how much the book was and stuff. I’m so glad you make this! Have you made anything else besides this and the lasagna? Tu me manques xo

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