Thrifting Goodies | 1.20.2011

[Pretty kick-ASS Shawl]

[Vintage Levis – been looking for a pair since I discovered Karla’s Closet]

[Leopard scarf (this is my 3rd leopard scarf)]

[Plaid virgin wool skirts to have shortened]

[This will be a perfect skirt for St Patrick’s day shhh it’s German]

[Diesel khaki jacket – how cool is this zipper?]

[Leather(?) miniskirt]

[Sneak peek at my platinum(er) locks]

I haven’t bought anything in a thrift store in about 2 months. Crazy right? Well in case you don’t stalk me religiously, you might not know I went on a shopping ban in November that I planned on doing till Christmas. Almost a month later and I’ve been shopping ONCE. It’s getting hard for me to spend money on clothes and shoes when I think about saving for traveling, camera things (and the braces I SHOULD get). Anyway, I hit up the salvation army last night since it had been a while and they had a 50% off sale. For 20$, I left with all of the above items. This makes me wonder why last week I went shopping and spent 20$ on ONE cardigan that probably won’t last nearly as long.

If you don’t go to thrift stores for your shopping, you need to start. (Just don’t go in my neighbourhood… bitches) If you need some advice, I suggest you check out the lovely Jentine’s blog My Edit.  Every Thursday(ish) she does a post about thrifting with advice and suggestions. She’s pretty swell and most importantly, a fellow Canadian!

Have a nice weekend – I’ll be freezing my butt off on the mountain!


2 thoughts on “Thrifting Goodies | 1.20.2011

  1. Completely jealous on multiple accounts:
    1. You scored the motherload! Those Levi’s….those Levi’s….
    2. Your amazing level of personal restraint. While I know there are better things to be saving money for, i.e., SLR camera, vacations etc. Like the Siren’s song, I CANNOT ignore her calling and stay out of the thrift stores.
    3. You snowboarding all weekend while I work. All weekend.

    How did some little blonde Canadian get to live the good life???? ;)

    Have a jolly good time and if the Levi’s don’t fit right for some reason I will forward you my mailing address.

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