[Red Vintage Longjohns]

[Red Delicious Drinks]

[Red Face]

Another interesting weekend gone by. I’ve been having fun weekends this winter, Christmas, new years, cottage, igloofest and now I spent this past weekend snowboarding & hmmm… “improving my alcohol tolerence level”. That’s a good way of saying it, right? I think it makes me sound less like a lush than if I said drinking copious amounts of gin and beer. The weekend weather was pretty digustingly cold – hence my rosy complexion in the above photo – BUT I still managed to spend an entire day snowboarding. It was so beautiful and white and fluffy (and did I mention FREEZING?) with lots of new snow and we had lots of fun making up new trails in the woods, me trying not to run into a tree and die… my friend waiting impatiently for me.

Other news: I officially am no longer a member of facebook! This may not seem interesting to some but I’m pretty proud of myself. I realize now that some people may not be able to get to my blog now that they won’t get updates on my facebook page… oops? Anyhoo, my decision to remove facebook has left many asking me WHY?? I’ve had facebook for 4 years and before that I had myspace. *cringe* I just found it to be a waste of my time. If I was bored, I’d go to facebook. I still find myself about to go onto the facebook website and then realizing how I unconsciously go to that website when I start up the web. I hope to break that filthy habit soon.

And other other news: I took outfit pictures this weekend! In minus a million weather. Fellow bloggers, you would be proud of my frostbite and missing limbs. Outfit posts coming up this week!


2 thoughts on “Red

  1. Sounds like a fun, and red-tinted, weekend. :)

    I’ve been debating leaving Facebook for some time now, for the exact same reason. So much wasted time, and definitely not enough benefit.

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