What I Wore | 1.22.2011

Sweater – Old Navy (old)
Shirt – Alfred Sung for Zellers
“Jeggings” – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Wool Socks – Thrifted
Boots – Sorel thrifted (5$)
Scarf – Lost and found (0$)
Bag – Split

I spent the weekend at my parents’ – although I spent most of my time out and about with friends – which explains why I actually have outfit photos. My mom was (is always) nice enough to take my outfit pictures when I got back from snowboarding on Saturday. Since the days are getting (slightly) longer, I can actually still get photos after 4:00pm. Just barely.

Since they were calling for really cold weather on the weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to layer my wool socks over my pants. I leave these Sorel boots down at my parents place because I have too many boots need them for all the snow in the winter. I really hit the jackpot when I found these lovelies at the church basement sale last spring. Five dollas! Sorels seem to be the new UGGS. Not in the sense that they are ugly but they seem to be this year’s must have winter boot. Maybe this is more of a Montreal thing, I can’t say for the rest of the world but I see them EVERYWHERE on my daily commute. I’m not complaining, it’s about time something practical is actually popular. I’d much rather see high school kids in Sorel winter boots than with really ridiculous footwear. We get a lot of snow here and the temperatures can drop really low in our almost 6 months of winter so it makes me mad to see kids dressing like it’s summer. [Granted, I did use to HATE wearing a coat when I was a teenager but I was stupid and probably had an ugly coat haha]

The amazing Jaimee sent me this Split bag (along with a few other goodies that will be popping up) and though at first I thought “Do I really need another purse?” (even though I had picked it out. Ha) I soon realized yes. Always yes. The size of this bag is just perfect to lug around my necessities along with my SLR.  I will eventually have to invest in a good camera bag but until that day, purses dothe job!



7 thoughts on “What I Wore | 1.22.2011

  1. Oh hi! Look at your pretty new layout and logo. I’m sorry I’ve been the world’s worst blog friend lately. I’ve been busy being self-absorbed and moving and spending copious amounts of time in the car. I think I’ve emerged even weirder after all that time stuck in a car. So, sorry about that. Hey, let’s talk about how cute you look. I don’t envy the weather up there, but you’re making the most of it. I suppose it helps that you like snowboarding. My foray into winter sports didn’t go so well, so winter has always been especially hard for me. It just makes me want to hibernate! Hope all is well!

  2. I love that sweater! It’s very similar to one they had at J.Crew that I couldn’t even afford when it was on sale. Why do they have such dumb prices?

    Great boots. Thank God practicality is in fashion :)

  3. you change your layout more than i change my underwear. before you start gagging, you should know i rarely wear any, so that statement is not as gross as it sounds. or maybe it is.

    how stupid cute are YOU! can’t wait to steal that cardigan when you bring it to tahoe. i mean.. i can’t wait to steal it. i mean..

    Even though I’m an asshole and have put off buying my ticket [seriously paying a studio rent & apt rent for a few months was NOT smart with my savings] to tahoe til now, i’m still so stupid excited it hurts. I’m going nuts living with my parents, and having to say that only makes it worse. 3.9 weeks!!!!!!!

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