February | photo a day

I was planning to participate in Thing A Day. I did this challenge a few years back, you “create” something every day for the month of February. However, yesterday as I was going to register, I realized I already have a blog and uploading things to 2 different places every day can be a little redundant. So with that thought, I figured I would just do my own thing a day for the month on this here blog.

As I keep trying to improve my photography skills – and actually stop and enjoy the scenery a little more – I will make an effort to take one photo every day. [And do my best to post it every day] The  photos can be anything; artsy, outfit photos, my dog… I think I’ll just take it a day at a time. It will also push me to do play with some new post-processing styles and get my creative juices flowing. Maybe I’ll even think up some themes for every week.

I’m excited, I love challenges. It’s kinda like when you are a kid and someone double dog dares you to do something. OBVIOUSLY you aren’t gonna chicken out. I didn’t grow out of that. [unless you ask me to jump off a rock into a tiny river where I could possibly break my back in the process – then I end up chickening out]

You’re all welcome to join!


3 thoughts on “February | photo a day

  1. I read this article a while back on “how to be interesting.” Hey don’t judge me, I stumbled upon it. It’s not like I was googling “how to be interesting.” Anyways, one of the points he raised was to take photos everyday and post them to a public forum. I’ve been meaning to do the same – possibly via flickr or some other sharing site, but obviously I’ve been quite busy. I’m looking forward to seeing your daily photography.

  2. I’ve been doing a “Photo a Day”challenge but not calling it one. That’s what prompted my Week in Photos feature. I have really grown to enjoy snapping pics, and I love seeing improvement. Can’t wait to see your photos!

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