Friday Inspiration | Jean Seberg’s hair



 Every time I want to cut my hair, I spend hours combing the interenet for inspiration. Last time, it was Emma Watson but i couldnt bring myself to go quite as short (although close). This time, it happens to have been Jean Seberg who caught my eye.  I know, these are very similar cuts but with my newly bleached hair, I can’t wait to get this pixie(er) cut (and wear breton stripes). She’s so cute!

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration | Jean Seberg’s hair

  1. oh that is soooo cute!! you know, i had a pixie cut in college. i grew it out for my wedding and then chopped it again. and finally after that i grew it out after my son was born. and lo and behold i had curly hair again like when i was little!! anyway, all that to say, this cut is adorbs and you should totally get this look!!

  2. I want you to do this soooooooooooo bad! I saw your tweet about it yesterday, its adorabl and its perfect. I am currently longing for Joan Jett black hair, but i’m a dillweed who just threw down lots of $$$$ to get her highlights fixed up. Looks like I gotta wait till April/May to make my drastic change.

  3. That’s who I modeled my hair after, as well. Her cut is so cute, it makes me want to go blond, too…but alas, it would likely fry my dark hair. I LOVE the cut, though and only receive compliments. Thanks, Jean. :-)

    Did you ever get the cut? How do/did you like it?

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