Fire and Ice

I spent another weekend at my parents place, snowboarding Saturday, partying Saturday night, sleeping most of Sunday then bussing home. The mountain conditions were amazing, lots of snow and the weather was great compared to the freezing cold we had last week. It’s soooo nice to snowboard 2 weeks in a row. I used to go a lot when I lived 5 mins from the hill but now it’s an expensive weekend hobbie.

 Saturday night, I watched the boys almost kill themselves in my friend’s back yard, on his homemade jump and rail while indulging in my pyro tendencies. Me good cavewoman. Me make fire.

Next weekend, I have a dinner at a friend’s Saturday night but other than that, I am taking it easy and doing some much needed cleaning and purging at home. I may even put some more items up in the etsy shop. I am WAY overdue, I’ve had items for MONTHS just sitting around. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

p.s. Tomorrow I start my photo a day challenge!


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