What I Wore | 1.29.2011

Top – H&M (old)
Cardigan – Winners (20$)
Skirt – thrifted vintage (2.50$)
Socks – vintage
Boots – vintage (40$)
Belt – thrifted
Scarf – lost and found




Are you sick of these boots yet? Because I don’t want to leave the house without them. ever. Think I could get away with wearing them with a tank top and shorts in the summer? yeah? no? …maybe with some daisie dukes and a crop top?

I found this skirt at the salvation army during their 50% off sale 2 weeks ago while looking for some long “maxi” skirts. Unfortunately the 2 real virgin wool ones I fell in love with were awkward ankle length.  On the bright side, my mom can sew! I really need to try sewing again. I’ve only used the sewing machine about 5 times since Home Ec but I usually would get my thread all knotted up and ask whoever was around to fix it for me. Imagine the possibilities if I could do all this hemming myself! (I’m not doing it by hand, I get bored after I’m 1/4 of the way through and I just wanna quit). I still have pants that h ave been in my closet for months (maybe years?) because they are too long. 

I wore this outfit Friday night. No one warned me I would be outside for an hour watching the boys snowboarding and when my thighs went numb, I decided to walk home and put some dark grey tights underneath. By the time I got back, the party had relocated indoors. LOVELY. The tights were probably a smarter choice for when I was climbing on the pool table trying to make impossible behind my back shots. Which I succeeded in doing… don’t tell anyone my foot was NOT touching the floor. (I kinda make up my own rules when I play pool)

And now for a little something extra for your enjoyment, below you will find a very odd blooper photo. What am I doing? Any ideas for how I could caption this? I have NO idea what the hell I’m doing.


6 thoughts on “What I Wore | 1.29.2011

  1. Would I be a perv for pointing out the tiniest hint of cleavage? Sexay!
    Look who’s braving the cold too…
    I really like the skirt of virgin wools… that is why us smart kids thrift!

  2. holy crap, lady! [although all are stunning] that first photo looks like it belongs in a fashion spread of a magazine! and you’re killing me with that snow! my whole town would be in a state of panic if it snowed that much here!

  3. I freaking love this. The navy + yellow combo is kind of really super awesome. Especially with your hair.

    I hate when the party moves once I put my tights on. Or. What am I trying to say here?

    And I’m getting a wicked valley girl vibe from that last photo. I feel like caption would definitely sound like a line from Clueless.

    |H. Ambulance|

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