What I Wore || 1.30.2011

Top – Split
Sweater – Winners (20$)
Jeans – Winners (20$)
Boots – Vintage (40$)


Squiiiiiiiiiinty eyes.  That’s what you get when you combine snow and sun. What can ya do? Oh right, wear sunglasses like a normal person… Then again, normal people don’t force their family members to take pictures of them standing around outside  in the dead of winter. Oh fashion bloggers, we’re so narcissistic crazy like that. These photos do not do this top justice I’m affraid. I really wanted to wear it with my faux leather pants but I didn’t think this was the time or place… it’s in my mental outfit database though. Or with a leather mini… hmmmm I need an excuse to wear outfits like that.

It figures that the one weekend I’m not going to be on the mountain, they get over a foot of snow. Luckily one thing I like as much as snowboarding is food and wine. Which I will be enjoying Saturday night with friends. Mmmmmmm wine…


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