Friday Inspiration | Rachel McAdams

Let’s see. GORGEOUS. CANADIAN. GREEN. Yeah… ’nuff said, right? I want to be real life friends with this girl. I also would love to be friends with all her male costars… Plus we could coordinate our hair color changes together. I could transplant her dimples onto my face… I’m kidding Rach! (that’s what I would call her… Rach… you know, if we were friends “IRL”)

[If you haven’t seen this… WATCH RIGHT MEOW!]

[She looks gorgeous in ANY hair style/color]


Alll images from

And with that, I bid you all a great weekend filled with wine, cervezas and guacamole.


3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration | Rachel McAdams

  1. Cervezas? Check. Guacamole? Not so much. I’m ashamed to say that I hate avocadoes. Blasphemy, I know. I live in Mexico and can’t stand the taste of guac.

    Rachel McAdams is goooorgeous. I absolutely loved when she dyed part of her hair pink.

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