What I Wore || 2.05.2011

T-Shirt – F21
Belt – Thrifted
Skirt – Thrifted
Boots – Thrifted
Sweater – Winners

By Friday, I was excited for a weekend of minimal plans so I could go out venturing for outfit pictures near my apartment. There’s a tiny wooded area right beside a park down the street that I thought would be great for photos after all the snow we’ve been getting. Unfortunately, some boys were playing some sort of strange shooting eachother game in the trees. Since I wasn’t in the mood to get shot – imaginary or not – I kept walking till a somewhat secluded road. Obviously 5 people walked by in the time I was loitering and I just ignored them, adjusting my tripod as if it were completely normal for me to be doing that on their street.

This is what I wore to dinner Saturday night. I bought this skirt/kilt almost a year ago, planning to sell it in the shop but I grew attached to it and it had been sitting in my closet ever since. I’m definitely regretting waiting so long to wear it, I promise you skirt, I will bring you out for fresh air a lot more this winter! I have an unhealthy obsession for all things Scottish and the company that made this skirt (although in Canada) had the word Highland in it. How could I let it go?? I still regret having passed up the beautiful ankle length kilt I once saw at the church basement. Next time I went to see, it was gone. *sad face*. Am I the only one that gets really excited when my outfits are almost 100% from a thrift store? Because it makes me ridiculously happy.

I’m getting my hair cut in 2 weeks so I’m trying out a few different things before I put it under the blade(s). Next stop: faux hawk. I just need an occasion.

p.s. I spent Sunday in sweats so this is all I got for this weekend’s outfit posts. On the brighter [LITERALLY] side, the days are getting longer. Although it’s still pitch black when I get home at almost 7:00, the sun sets at 5:11 now which means I get 11 minutes of daylight when I leave work. It’s kinda sad that 11 minutes makes me so happy.


5 thoughts on “What I Wore || 2.05.2011

  1. I’m kinda lovin’ the rad hair swoop. Mine’s getting awfully long, too, and it’s doing hilarious things in the mornings.

    I respect you a lot for buying that because it had the word “Highland” in it. That’s true obsession. :)

  2. i love me some pleated plaid :) i’m glad you held onto that skirt, it’s totally fabulous. i’m also really loving the extra 11 minutes of daylight lately–that basically takes care of my commute home!

  3. I’m loving your hair here! A faux hawk, hah? Can’t wait to see it! As unruly as it may be, my hair actually stays where I put it without huge globs of hair product…this may or may not be because I don’t really wash my hair. Gross? Too much? Sorry. Anyhow, the boyfriend loves my hair in what I would call messy rocker hair than an actual faux hawk.

    You have an amazing skirt collection…and, I hate to admit it, but I can’t say I’ve ever worn an entirely thrifted outfit. I need to hop on this thrift bandwagon. Want to come to Mexico and show me how it’s done? :)

  4. Diggin’ the hair mama. Like back up dump truck, cuz I’m about to fill it diggin’. I will probably need a moment to myself with I see the rad as shit faux hawk.. so don’t spring that on me when I land in Reno k? HOLY SHIT 2 WEEKS. I’m on a liquid diet until then. Nothing but wine and diet pepsi. and clementines. and dove chocolates. and popcorn. and wine.

    2 weeks.

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