I know it’s really {cough} rare {cough} that I complain on this blog… But guys, this is a really serious issue! I can’t wear high heels at work this week! I figured that wearing a brace while wearing 4 inch heels MAY not be wise. You are free to prove me wrong (please!). As a … shortie… I need those couple of inches to bring me up to everyone else’s shoulder level. So this week, I’m just keeping a healthy distance between me and … anyone else. Especially my 6 foot something boss.

And if anyone {my mom} is wondering about my ankle… I think it’s slowly on the mend. Hope to be back to kicking people by the weekend. I  mean walking… back to walking by the weekend.


2 thoughts on “*8*

  1. Ouch :(

    But to be honest, your little feet and toes look pretty stinkin’ adorable in those flats. And hey- isn’t royal blue the new black?

    I just made that up, but I’m sure someone has said it.

    Wishing you all the people-kicking on Earth,

    H. Ambulance

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