Friday Inspiration | Blogs – treasure hunters

I read a LOT of blogs, I keep adding more to the list as I fall onto them. I also stop following blogs almost as often as I start following new ones. That way, I only follow blogs I really LOVE, can relate to or feel a connection to. Although I follow many amazing women, here are just a few that Inspire me a lot. [They ALL inspire me in their own way but I’m a lazy ass so you’re getting 3]

{Haiku Ambulance}

Zoe is a revolutionary. She has a very enviable weardrobe (and legs!!!) but she also pulls you in with her witty musings. She will make you want to run to your nearest thrift store for some high waist trousers and bolos. Not only that, she will make you want to dye your hair blonde and cut most of it off. [TRUST ME] Now go, RUN, don’t walk to Haiku Ambulance.

{My Edit}

1) Canadian (you know how I love my Canadian sisters) 2) Hilarious 3) A thrift store maven. This girl is so freakin entertaining, you won’t be able to not stalk her every post. Plus, as Ive mentioned before, she does weekly posts about thrift store secrets. [You may hate her for all the awesome pieces she finds] Now a dash of sass and sarcasm, and you have my soul mate… I mean a great blog to read… No but really, go, read, look, stalk.  

{Karla’s Closet}

If you read my blog regularly, you should know I have a unhealthy obsession with Karla. Short hair? Check. Hips I will never have unless surgically implanted? Check. Amazing vintage pieces and an endless assortment of designer heels? Check. I had to add this girl in because I realized that these 3 blogs all have something in common – They make me want to take chances on great vintage pieces that I wouldn’t normally wear.

Do you guys have any other blogs I really need to check out?
[Check out other blogs I love here]

Have a great weekend!!



3 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration | Blogs – treasure hunters

  1. Oh you…..

    …making me blush and feel like I’m special…. :)

    Thanks, pop tart. I can’t wait to get smashed on a plane with you. And smashed on a train with you. And smashed in a house. With a mouse.

    On a fox. In a box.

    I’ve confused myself. I need an adult.

    H. Ambulance.

  2. Thank you my sister from a Quebec mister (don’t actually know that…)! Your sweet words warmed my heart like a fine or even like a cheap wine. I accidentally leave the internet for a weekend and I return to some loving…

  3. great post! 3 lovely ladies, indeed.

    ps. i hope you never get over barefoot&vintage. i would cry if i didn’t get my daily comment(s) from you.

    can’t wait to see youuuuu!

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