Weekend in Photos – Fundue

Probably one of the best Valentine`s day presents ever. (only second to the snowboard boots Matt gave me the first year we dated) We had our newly married friends over and the 4 of us had a ridiculous amount of {amazing} food. Since I’m the one who does most of the cooking around here, it was such a nice treat to have someone else cook.

The boys had beef in a chinese broth while the ladies had shrimp cooked in a red wine sauce. We also had asparagus, potato, broccoli and mushrooms to dip in the sauces and a separate cheese fondue with baguette pieces. Man that cheese sauce, is ADDICTIVE.Matt pointed out that the bad thing about fondue is you keep eating and don’t realize you’re full. Even though we were stuffed, we found room for bananas, raspberries and grapes dipped in the chocolate sauce.

There was a minor mishap that almost resulted in the apartment going up in flames but ended with us just laughing till we started crying. This made me realize that maybe we need a fire extinguisher in our apartment as I’m already pretty accident prone myself.

Did everyone else have a good Valentine’s day weekend or are the big plans for Monday?


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