A new {blog} addition

My photo a day …photos will be in a new place! This blog is going to be for [mainly] outfit pictures & inspiration. However I’m sure some other randomness will pop in aswell because I’m a never-ending source of it.

So the daily photos are going to be HERE. I made a new blog just for them cuz they’re special like that.  I also have that pretty button on the sidebar that will direct you over there. The photos won’t be posted on here anymore so if you enjoy my daily photos, make sure you keep tabs on their new home.

I’m also going to be tweaking things here this week so if you pop over and the whole blog looks upside down. This is ok, it may just need some yoga and a good handstand.



2 thoughts on “A new {blog} addition

  1. Ooooh! Yay for a new blog. I have a redesign on my to do list – but it just keeps getting pushed down this list. Emailing you back is on there too. Eeeeek! So behind! Miss seeing your hot outfit photos – let’s get back to that on this blog… k?

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