What I Wore || 2.13.2011

Poncho – thrifted (2$)
Tank top – thrifted
Leggings – F21
Knee high socks – Walmart
Rain Boots – Chooka ($49)

Confession time: I did not wear this outfit for more than half an hour. I meant to go out to the bank and to do some errands Sunday afternoon then I spent 5 minutes taking outfit shots outside and all plans went down the drain. It was cold and windy and snowing and just gross out. (Even Hurley was pretty much waiting for me to bring him back in). And do you know how hard it is to put a jacket over a poncho??? HARD. I think this guy might be better for spring.

And my feet were freezing in these boots… I really thought it was warmer out I guess. There is no other logical reason. I really wanted some outfit pictures where I was NOT wearing moccasins for once but now that I think of it, my moccasins would have gone great with this poncho. Next time.

I complain a lot, don’t I? My poncho won’t go in my coat, my feet are cold in my non insulated boots, it’s snowing in the middle of winter. All valid complaints though, right? Canadians all over the country are shaking their heads at me in disgust. I’m sorry guys! I LOVE SNOW AND HOCKEY AND TIM HORTONS, TAKE ME BACK!!!


7 thoughts on “What I Wore || 2.13.2011

  1. I like your hair! And I was going to say that your boots are gorgeous (they are) but then I heard how cold they are… rubber boots are definitely not winter boots. I have insulated hunter boots and even then they’re still way too cold for winter. That’s Canada for you!

  2. sundays are not for errands, anyway. (well, that’s what i tell myself.) i like to get my errands done on saturday. that way i can spend sunday on the couch, in my sweats, drinking tea, and watching the tube.
    i love this look, but yeah…save it warmer weather! we can’t have you freezing your buns off.

  3. I love your poncho! I would have paid at least ten times what you did for it. I have suffered the same somewhat awkward problem of how to put a coat on over one’s poncho. Since I own both a sweater poncho and a wool overcoat poncho, I’ve attempted that before. But to be honest, one poncho is cute. Two at once and you look like a crazy person.

    And to the funny comment you left on “Singing in The Rain” post – my cute lil derriere thanks you ;)

    xo, Ashley

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