What I wore | 2.16.2011

Scarf – thrifted | Shirt – Teenflo (gift) | Belt – thrifted | Skirt – H&M (old) | Socks – gift

This is my kitchen. This is my kitchen with a girl posing awkwardly in it.

This is a typical work outfit for me. Pencil skirt, shirt & some sort of flair. Not like Office Space flair… just flair… that I wear in my office space…

I think I may ask to be buried in an outfit that includes this mustard belt. I swear, it goes with anything. I should do a 30 day mustard belt challenge. I bought this {black – tho it looks blue} pencil skirt when I first started going on job interviews after I left a job of 3 years back in… 2007? IT was my first ever pencil skirt, and it’s still alive and kickin’ – if a little faded.

Coworker number 1: Are you ready to clean your desk today? me: huh? oh… the scarf on my head. good one.
Coworker number 2: You look like a southern bell. {and then something about a matching tablecloth. Then I proceeded to ignore him until he went away}
Coworker number 3: Doesn’t she look like …. what’s her name? I love Lucy!

Oh those crazy fools, they don’t realize that I feed off their weird comments. I love when my outfits/accessories get them talking. If I didn’t stand out… I would feel that I failed at being original. And there’s nothing I hate more than looking like everyone else.

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