What I Wore | 2.18.2011

They say short people should not wear wide leg jeans. I say to hell with that rule. I’ve decided that until the weather warms up a little and it’s no longer ridiculous to go out and take outfit pictures with no jacket on, my kitchen will be my new backdrop. This was my ‘casual Friday’ outfit. It’s funny, Fridays are probably the only day I wear jeans. I feel that because I CAN, I HAVE to wear them. It’s just a given that I wear jeans on Fridays. And then on the weekend, I’m in comfy leggings and sweats and things. I’ll occasionally throw on skinny jeans for an occasion but jeans just feel too constricting. [Especially when compared to PJs which is what I spent half my weekend in]

Did anyone have any weekend excitement to top my PsJ and LOTR marathon one? I know, it’s hard to beat that kind of weekend. Oh did I mention there was also home-made vegetarian chili, egg breakfasts and Tim Hortons coffee?

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Necklace – gift from my sister
Shoes – Feet First
Lipstick – Revlon Just Bitten in Gothic

7 thoughts on “What I Wore | 2.18.2011

  1. You little rebel, you! Breaking all the rules and look gorgeous while doing so! Obviously, I love the top…does that go without saying yet? And that necklace is amazing!

  2. Damn right “to hell with that rule”! I love me some wide-legs, and I’ve been called Frodo more times than I’d like to admit.

    LOVING the wide-legs with the Breton stripes. Supah-chic.

  3. I also hate some of the dressing rules they have for short women. Then again, I kind of hate fashion magazine rules in general (as if all “short women” have the same body shape…)

    And you look fabulous in those wide leg jeans! It’s great to find another Montreal style blogger on here.

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