What I Wore | 2.19.2011

I’ve been wanting to wear this dress for a few weeks but I haven’t had the occasion yet. Oh how I miss warm weather. Anyhoo, I had to run to the post office to drop off some bags from the shop that sold over the past few days. And then I realized it was freezing out so I quickly came home and changed back into my PJs. I never said I was classy. I used to spend my life in jogging pants – believe it or not. I still have a soft spot for oversized sweat pants. I may just bring back the sweat pants outside the home habit on weekends. I’ll stock up on some [more] Roots pants.

OK enough about jogging pants. (for now…) Let’s talk about this scarf/stole guy. I found him at the 50% off sale and it immediately brought this post by the glamourai to mind. I may already have a few leopard scarves but how could I say no to this guy who was $1.50! [Why people don’t all shop at Salvation Army yet is beyond me]

Dress – Split
Belt – thrifted

Tights – Roots
Boots – Coconuts via Winners
Scarf – thrifted ($1.50)

p.s. haircut tonight!


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