Tahoe – the good & the bad

I got back yesterday (technically EARLY this morning) from a trip with 5 other bloggers in Tahoe. Despite 2 long days of traveling, it was definitely a life changing weekend.

The Good
Getting to know 5 amazing women
Lots of tea
Shopping in thrift stores with other thrifty ladies
Beautiful sunsets over the mountains
Living in sweats for 4 days
Trading book recommendations
Pre-trip bonding with Zoe on my second flight
Learning new dirty terms from the girls
The Bad
Delayed flights
Landing home at 4 am
Realizing once I was in the cab that it was actually 5 am
Airports without free WIFI (looking at you Chicago!)


5 thoughts on “Tahoe – the good & the bad

  1. Miss you! Come baaaaack! And I really enjoyed our little chat Saturday night before you headed to bed. Forgot to tell you that. :) take the trip, mama…you deserve it. Besides, I really wanna live vicariously through you!

  2. Oh my goodness.

    I cannot believe you got home at 5:00!!!!!!!!!

    Please tell me you went ahead and played hookie from work?! I hope you slept in and got to live one more day in sweats. I totally wish I could have…

    It was so nice bonding with you too and as I said, I was so glad to be able to open and close the weekend with you.

    And I can’t believe I didn’t see the “Don’t feed the bear sign”. Was that on your walk?

    It’s awesome.


    –> And PS- thank you for the wonderful salad toss.

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