What I Wore | 2.22.2011

Last Tuesday, I got my hair cut. I needed a change once again and I think once you start chopping, it’s hard to stop. I also think it’s important to try different hairdos to figure out what I like best. Funny though, I just dyed it again last night. Yup, I’m back to being addicted to boxed dyes. For the past few years, I stuck to my salon (Aveda) for all cuts/coloring but with the rate I’m changing my hair these days, it just wouldn’t be affordable. So as of last night, my hair is more of an ashy blonde, a more natural color. And I love it. I feel a lot more Jean Seberg now.

Shirt – Teenflo
Skirt – Teenflo
Cardigan – Winners
Shoes – Steve Madden


5 thoughts on “What I Wore | 2.22.2011

  1. I love it!!! I actually liked the two tone thing that goes on so quickly with your hair but this all over ash is really nice! It seems the box dyes make sense when you have to color so often anyway. I am so happy we broke the texting ice today. :) I feel like we are so much more accessible now for some reason. :) well, you look lovely, and the drop waist effect that sweater is giving you is really nice. Talk to you again soon!

  2. Oh holy hair envy! You look goooooorgeous…I know I already said this on Twitter, but seriously, don’t change a thing. I understand that you like to change; I used to drastically change my hair every six weeks, but when you find a good thing (and, honey, this is a good thing), you stick with it for a while. Let yourself grow into that hair!

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