Music || The XX

When I was watching the Brit awards 2 weeks ago {dying over Adèle and Mumford & Sons as usual} I also caught a quick glimpse of a band with some x’s in the name. I tried googling. xxx. xx. the xxx…. And you can guess the kind of stuff that popped up in google. I really don’t know how I finally figure it out but I’m glad I did. It’s just so melloooooooooooooow, I love it.

p.s. Did you know my blog officially turned 1 a few days ago? Feels like just yesterday, also feels like a lifetime ago that I didn’t have a blog.

I’m working on a birthday post {It’s really long going through hundreds of posts in my archives!} and I’ll pop something out for you this week.


4 thoughts on “Music || The XX

  1. Thank for posting this video! I have heard this song before but I love it when the music videos add a little something. it was great. and I am really looking forward to your birthday recap!

  2. Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful. I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert last year – and they are just as good live. Mmmm… they’ve falled off my radar lately, but I have a sudden urge to listen to them while I do some work.

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