What I Wore || 03.02.2011

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for the nice words on my blog birthday post. Your nice comments make my day!

Second, this is my new new new hair. I think it has become so normal now for me to change my hair. People at work don’t even comment {or notice?} anymore. I don’t do this for approval so it doesn’t change anything either way. I dyed it to this more natural ashy blonde Monday night after being frustrated with it in Tahoe. There was something bugging me and I couldn’t quite figure it out at the time. I think I just needed a more natural color to go with this very short do. Now I’m happy {ask me again in 2 months though, it could change}.

I am still in denial that we are already in March, this year is just flying by, it’s a little scary. There is just so much I want/need to do. On the bright side, it’s Friday! Have a great weekend guys! I will be visiting my parents and spending tomorrow on the mountain snowboarding. I need to get my fill before spring!

Top – H&M (old)
Skirt – thrifted
Necklace – thrifted
Tights – Joe Fresh
Belt – thrifted

Shoes – Alfred Sung for Zellers


8 thoughts on “What I Wore || 03.02.2011

  1. i think it’s so awesome that i can look at your picture and say ‘hey i know her!’ i love the flipped up collar :) and i hope you have a great weekend snowboarding!

  2. God, I always wished my co-workers would stop commenting on my ever-changing hair. I would dread the inevitable “did you change your hair” and usually responded with a snarky response, such as “No. I went to bed with black hair and woke up with white. Can you believe it?!?” Consider yourself lucky. And if ever you’re in need of hearing how awesome your hair is, you can always come to me! Have a great weekend! Hope you packed some stripes, missy!

  3. OK, just read the blog anniversary post. adorable.
    Your blog makes me happy. Although, I don’t think true happiness will be achieved until an Anne of Green Gables blog.
    PS, where the hell is the fanny!? Don’t hold out on me!!

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