What ‘We’ Wore | Pixies & Stripes

me and the beautiful miss Santina of Style by Santina

There’s something about stripes and pixie cuts that we just can’t get enough of. Santina and I decided to have some fun with it. Isn’t she just the hottest little bronzed goddess you’ve ever seen? I look like I want to reach across and drag her off her beach so I can be there instead. {Or beside her, whatever!}

I’ve had hair of all lengths and colors, bangs, shaved, asymmetrical, you name it. The boys in my life haven’t always approved but you can’t please everyone. {and you should NOT try to} This weekend, a few of my male friends saw me for the first time with this very short do. The reviews were mixed, from silence to marriage proposals. {OK there were no ‘marriage’ proposals, just the indecent kind} I did however get told it looks like a model hairdo. Oh those boys, they had me blushing in no time flat. And not just because I blush ridiculously easy. But with the good, comes the ‘not as good’ like my {male} friend who told me that despite my claiming to love my short hair, if he showed me a bunch of pictures of me with long hair, I would miss it. Of course I miss it some days, doesn’t mean I regret changing it. If one day every girl out there decides to cut her hair off then maybe then I’ll start growing mine out again. {or if I just get bored again… whichever comes first}

Us bloggers got eachother’s back though. I get so much moral support from my blogging ladies, it’s fantastic. If I told them I wanted a sex change, they would reply with “oh yes, do it! I don’t have the guts, let me live vicariously through you”. Ok forget that last sentence, the rest is true though. Santina is one of many ladies who has extended an … emotional… helping… hand? {Am I the only one picturing her with her hands together waiting to boost me onto the saddle of a horse?} I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the blogging community is so supportive, I don’t know how I lived without them.

Jacket – thrifted vintage
Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Tank – thrifted
Leggings – H&M
Boots – thrifted Nine West
Scarf – thrifted

6 thoughts on “What ‘We’ Wore | Pixies & Stripes

  1. OMG, if you come to Mexico, you can totally ride a horse on the beach and I will boost you up just as you described while my boyfriend takes outfit pics! Did I just step into Crazytown? Move over, Charlie Sheen; there’s a new girl in town! I’m happy you think I still look tan; I haven’t been in the sun in WEEKS and I’ve been feeling rather pale…although anything would look tan next to that snowy scene you got going on! Brrr….

    I’m still so in love with your hair that I don’t think I notice the clothes until a second scroll through. I mean, the cut is just so perfect for you; it perfectly frames your face. Of course, we all miss hair that’s long been chopped off and dyed a million different colors. There is really only one that I truly miss: my white blonde bowl cut. (Pssst…between you and me, I plan to bring it back upon return to the States. Get ready for some ugly grow out!)

    All that said, I absolutely love your stripes. The black and white stripes, the leggings, the boots…. you little mod minx you!

  2. if you decided to get a sex-change…mark would have some serious competition. ;)
    i’ll have to scan and then email you a few photos of yours truly with a pixie cut. i did love it, but alas…i love my long locks. for now.

  3. When I first saw the pics I thought santina was you and I thought, where the heck are you and how are your legs so tanned? haha silly me… So I really think this is my favourite hair of yours!

  4. I am still bitter about being barred from Breton-Stripe Fest 2011. But I have to admit that you both look cute…I guess. I mean, I still think that just because my hair is approx 2 ft longer then both of your put together was a lame reason to disqulify me…but whatever.

    In a less angry vein, I do think your hair looks great right now, this length really works. And I find that boys in general always say they prefer long hair on girls. But, it’s not like they actually know what they’re talking about. I mean, really?

    xo, Ashley

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