What I Wore | A uniform of sorts

This outfit was completely inspired by the girls that I spent the weekend with in Tahoe. The weekend was spent in {mostly} leggings, oversize knit sweaters, leg warmers, knee high socks, flowy tops, etc. I definitely regretted not packing any leg warmers (or this sweater) but unlike SOME ladies (wink wink) I did not pack multiple suitcases so I could only bring so much in my carry-ons. Since I was spending a few hours on a bus late Friday night and then snowboarding Saturday, I packed with COMFORT in mind. After you spend all day carving through the woods with a bunch of fearless boys, you take a HOT shower too soothe your muscles and then cuddle up in lots of comfy layers. Unfortunately after I ventured out with my mom for these photos, I had to remove my socks to let them dry and shake my boots upside down to get the snow out. FAIL. Once again, it’s a good thing I love snow!

When I went to New York this summer, I went into the Quiksilver store to get a t-shirt for Matt as a souvenir. He’s all about getting ‘useful’ gifts (as opposed to me who loves getting THOUGHTFUL ones) so instead of getting him some silly NY touristy doodad, I got him a T-shirt from a brand he loves that happens to say NY on it. At the same time, I picked one for me too. And this is probably the first time I’ve worn it. Maybe the 2nd…  in over 6 months. Can you say TOO MANY CLOTHES?

T-shirt – Roxy
Sweater – thrifted
Legginsg – F21
Thigh high socks – Gap
Boots – Chooka
Bag – thrifed


8 thoughts on “What I Wore | A uniform of sorts

  1. Brrrrr, grrrrrrl!

    You crazy out there all in the snow and such. But I’m glad to hear about your carving. Hopefully you have snowboarded your little heart out since returning :)

    Ahhh, this makes me yearn for those days by the fire… leggings…. tea…. friends… ahhhh….

    Can we go back now please?


  2. I love that sweater. I think my roommates might think that I used to be homeless – I feel like I’m always walking around in really big old man sweaters. But, see, other people get it!! Best way to lounge.

  3. I actually do not think that I can say “too much clothing.” I mean, I say it. But I don’t mean it. You should prob come back to NY, you can wear that shirt and then we can be friends. Sounds like a plan to meeeee!

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