Go Green

Happy St Patty’s Day! More importantly though.. outfit pictures… outside… on a week day! YES! I finally made it home before 7 {barely} and got matt to snap a few shots before we lost the last bits of daylight.

When I was thinking about wearing green for today {Any excuse to dress with a theme, I’m all over it} and couldn’t think of a single thing I owned that was green. Turns out I had a few things to choose from. I did not pinch those non green wearers at work but I did chit chat with a guy who’s family is Scottish about how they are no fan of the Irish. This seems to have been a theme this past week, an English acquaintance was telling me how the English ‘dislike’ the Irish… and lots of talks of bombs and things. These 2 people obviously don’t speak for Scots and Brits everywhere but it really got me curious to look a little further into these feuds and the bad stories I’ve been hearing about Ireland. I’m hoping to read up on the history of the UK and Ireland one of these days, see what they’ve been up to the past couple centuries.

Although the day is almost over, I have much more Irish festivities ahead. Sunday is the annual Montreal St Patrick’s day parade. It’s been a tradition for me for the past few years and we usually wear lots of green, spend way too much money on shamrock shaped accessories and watch the parade with our Baileys and coffee under umbrellas and jackets then head to one of Montreal’s many Irish pubs to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening (and wee hours) drinking green beer. And if the bar doesn’t have green beer, we bring our own food coloring.

[Fun Fact: The actual celebration of a St. Patrick’s parade {in Montreal} commenced in 1824]

Shirt – gift
Skirt – H&M (old)
Belt – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Shoes – Alfred Sung for Zellers


5 thoughts on “Go Green

  1. i didn’t wear green today. sad isn’t it? i decked my kid out in green but i totally forgot when i was dressing myself! oh well. no one pinched me :) and you know what, i actually like the scots more (and i think you know why. wink wink)

  2. We had a potluck at work yesterday and someone brought scones. With a side of English Cream and lemon curd (?) spread? It felt so wrong, but they were oh so right.
    Anyway, you look lovely.

    Hee hee.

  3. ‘Green’ shirt, nice. Is khaki considered a shade of green? Bah, what do I know!

    I’m eagerly looking forward to photos of Montreal’s St-Patty’s day parade! I miss it sooooooo much!

    And I finally covered ‘Little Lion Man’ from Mumford & Sons (very poorly mind you)… who I initially thought were Irish, but as it turns out they’re from London… so perhaps my incorrect assumption may not be so appropriate considering this ongoing feud you’ve uncovered…

    Anyway, I have almost 2 months of your blog reading to catch-up on… ttyl.

  4. Ooooh, the boyfriend has a shirt kinda like this one. You make me want to steal it and make it all girly…hmmmm… I wore a little green yesterday although the holiday was completely overlooked here. I actually sat around the house most of the day watching the NCAA basketball tournament!

    I looooooove that you bring your own food coloring! I want to have a beer with you! Have fun!

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