What I Wore | 2011.03.19

We got our first REAL feel of Spring this weekend, it is SLOWLY on its way. Keyword: SLOW. hint hint mother Nature. Don’t let the sunny photos deceive you though, it was still cold enough that I need a jacket and wool socks. I love having Hurley with me when I go take pictures… I feel like less of a creepo for some reason. I’m not just a weird girl with a camera and tripod… I’m a weird girl with a camera, tripod and really cute dog. Ok maybe it’s all in my head.

I got this jacket a few months ago at the salvation army 50% off sale and it’s been sitting around waiting for the warm weather. It finally got its weekend in the spotlight/sunshine and I gave it 2 thumbs up for its performance. I really love the high collar, there’s something about how it looks with my short hair that I just can’t get enough of. And how fun are these sunglasses? I’ve had them for a year or 2 and just couldn’t pull it off with other hairdos. They seemed to fit with this 70s vibe this mustard top was giving me.

The days ARE getting longer though and I’m looking forward to the mythical days where the sun stays out past 7 pm. I was starting to doubt that was even possible.

Jacket – thrifted Diesel [$5]
Turtleneck – really old H&M
Skirt – Split
Belt – thrifted
Socks – thrifted
Boots – Chooka
Necklace – UO
Arm warmers – Gap [$1.99]
Glasses – garage sale


8 thoughts on “What I Wore | 2011.03.19

  1. seeing all that snow makes me a bit sad! only because spring is here to stay in northwest arkansas and the trees are blooming and everything is turning green! just lovely. but i do love that jacket. you have the cutest jackets ever! probs because you have to wear them so much. but still. very cute.

  2. OMG, that jacket is absolutely perfect on you! I love the collar; it’s like a spotlight on your gorgeous face…and hair…have I mentioned that I love you hair?

    Your version of spring makes me cold. I hope it gets warm soon…like, NOW!

  3. love it! i am such a skirt girl… hence the excessive amounts in the line.
    Would you believe skirts are downtrending? i dont care either.
    you look pretty!

  4. I can tell it’s almost spring because you are doing outside pics again. I can also tell it’s spring by the snow on the ground… oh wait… efff that.
    It’s going to snow again this week…grrr.
    The good news is that your outfit is goodlooking! Bright moment in this continuous winter.
    Whine over. Wine begin.

  5. I love everything about these pictures – the skirt, the t-neck, the jacket, the socks, hurley… and especially the sunglasses! I feel like they go a lot better with your hair-do than your rb’s did… if that makes you feel any better ;) Miss you already! xx

  6. EMILY yes, whenever I wear high collars (which I love btw) my hair never looks quite right and I usually put it up The short hair was MADE for tall-necked tops/jackets!

    And your comments always crack me up. Thank you. :)

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