St Pats 2011 | stickers, bffs and green eyeshadow

Every Sunday following St Patrick’s day, I transform from French Canadian to Irish overnight. I put baileys in my morning coffee – or should I say I put coffee in my morning baileys? – I wear plaid, I drink for many – MANY – hours in a row… I wear ridiculous stickers on my face… that’s what they do year round in Ireland right? Oh, they don’t? SOMEONE’S been lying to me.

Sunday was spent enjoying the first sunny and warm parade in YEARS. In your face to my friends who skipped it this year. What’s that you say? the majority of the day was spent in a dark pub with no sun?… that’s beside the point! Since I stopped working Sundays (oh working weekends, I sure as hell don’t miss YOU) a few years back, I haven’t missed a parade. As soon as the excitement of new years dies down we start thinking about the parade. (Or is that just me, having no life?) I start thinking about what I’ll wear, what I’ll drink, what I’ll drink out of, etc. probably sooner than I really need to but if you wait till the last minute then find the perfect item on Etsy… you’re screwed. [more talk about THAT in my next post which will be an outfit one]

After watching the first 10 minutes of the parade, we made our way to a (sunless) Irish pub. (which will remain nameless because once upon a time I vowed to never give that jerk of an owner another penny out of my money…long story… not really, it’s just that I’m already rambling here) We drank green beer, waited in long lines for the bathrooms which always turn into making new bffs who you forget 5 mins later, caught up with good friends we don’t see very often, drank more beer, talked with strangers, danced to Irish music (hellllloooooooooooo hot fiddler in a kilt), waited in the bathroom line some more… and then 13 hours later went to bed.

I lost my lens cap (no biggie) not to mention my Raybans (BIGGIE!!!!!!!) before the parade even started. BUT I got to spend a whole freakin day with one of my favorite ladies who lives in Ottawa and who I don’t see often enough. I also got to wear stickers on my face and ridiculous amounts of green eyeshadow so that itself makes up for losing 150$ sunglasses…. right? This is why I can’t own expensive things.

In conclusion, I would like to conclude by telling all my american friends to come visit me next year on St Patrick’s day weekend so they can experience us Montrealers pretending to be Irish.


4 thoughts on “St Pats 2011 | stickers, bffs and green eyeshadow

  1. fun! i’m jealous of all the beer drinking. :( i still have several months before the taste of REAL beer (not odouls), hits my lips. sigh. i’m glad you drank enough for me. ;) in theory.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sunglasses, but it sounds like all the fun (and green beer) helped ease your pain. Seriously, you are the cutest little leprechaun I have ever laid eyes on! Can you wear stickers on your face more often?

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