What I Wore | St Patty’s day parade

Hands down my best St Patrick’s day outfit to date – if I do say so myself. I think the movie The Lion King said it best, Be Prepared. [did you know Cheech Marin played the voice of one of the hyenas?? I just figured that out) I was ready for rain – unnecessarily – with my boots, I was ready for robbery with my crossbody bag… (notice how the flap isn’t even closed? don’t look mom) I have fun every year figuring out what to wear for the parade. It’s a fun day to dress in plaid and to take out the (slightly moldy) container of green eyeshadow and nail polish from last year. I also got to finally wear my irish flag wrist warmers i bought last year. They unfortunately arrived a few days late so I had to wait 12 months to wear them. And then I hid them in my pockets… good job Emily.

Need I go on again about this jacket? If you’re curious about it, see me gush HERE. [Five dollars!] I also bought this skirt that same day for half off which was a steal for a vintage virgin wool pleated skirt (that was 3 times this length). My mother was nice enough to shorten it from chastity belt length to… modest schoolgirl? Modest in school girl standards is knee length, isn’t it? Well… I have short legs so umm I have to wear shorter skirts to create the illusion of long legs. Yeah, we’ll go with that excuse.

Jacket – thrifted [$5]
Skirt – thrifted vintage, hemmed [$2.50]
T-shirt (visible in yesterday’s post) – borrowed
Socks – thrifted
Boots – Chooka
Bag – Alfred Sung for Zellers


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