Weekend in the country – Spring shpring

Winter weekends in the country have turned into something of a ritual for me. I leave my busy city life for one of simpler things. Like beer and snowboarding. When spring comes and the snow melts, I miss snowboarding but I also miss the friends I see more of during the winter and the late nights we stay up acting like we’re 18 again.

• Late nights [or should I say early mornings?]
• Pints of Cheval Blanc [Mmmmm white beer]
• Live music! [Amos Friday night and some friends Saturday night]
• Fried eggs & earl grey tea for breakfast
• Fresh powder on the mountain. [Winter apparently missed the memo-good]
• Hanging with the boys – drinking, playing pool and laughing.


4 thoughts on “Weekend in the country – Spring shpring

  1. Vanessa – that’s very possible!
    Santina – she was sleeping in a plastic bag, it was so cute!
    Eleanor – of course, I only have good looking friends ;)

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