What I Wore | Sunshine on my shoulders

This is the exciting fence in the parking lot of our apartment. Some people have nice backyards… I have a fence. Unfortunately when I stand there, everyone in the building can look out their window and see me posing in front of a tripod with a remote. I mean posing with my own personal photographer…

I’ve started kickboxing class this week (and have the ab pains to prove it) and school starts again tomorrow so that means no outfit pictures Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursday for the next little while. I’ll try to wear my more interesting outfits on Tuesdays. THIS Kate Spade skirt made me consider putting a bow on my yellow skirt, I don’t know if I can ever wear it without the bow now. Oh and if you are excited that I am actually sporting bare legs, let me burst your bubble by telling you I have nude nylons on. Hence the lack of sun reflecting off my white legs. And to go to and from work, I had boots and thigh high wool socks on. So yeah, it’s still cold. That was the point I was getting to, I think.

Top – Simons (old as the hills)
Skirt – thrifted
Bow/belt – off a pair of pants
Necklace – F21
Shoes – Steve Madden via DSW


9 thoughts on “What I Wore | Sunshine on my shoulders

  1. OK, this is me being obsessed with your yellow skirt. Can you feel the excitement – it’s there. Also, why don’t you take photos at this fence at this time of day more often – they’re so dramatic and fantastic. Also – i need to email you, I’m thinking of doing a 365 photo project. So, we can be in the trenches together on that one – are you still doing it??

  2. The light is so striking in these photos; I quite like the fence! I’m with you on the bow…I don’t think you can wear this skirt without it (or without at least another bow) again!

  3. I cant deal with the cold anymore. I’m wearing a turtleneck sweater and a scarf at work. So kudos to you for even trying and wearing a skirt and arm showing sleeves. You’re a real rebel.

    The bow is a keeper.

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