Weekend in the Country – Same Old Song

The weeks are FLYING by. Feels like just yesterday I was talking about what I did last weekend and here we are, Monday again! I spent my Saturday {of course} snowboarding. And I am happy to report that there is still plenty of snow! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one still clinging to winter’s leg screaming noooo as it walks out the door. I’m taking advantage of it while I can though. The next few months are going to be pretty exhausting so while things are still {somewhat} sane, I’m trying to have my fun.

• First runs in fresh powder
• Poutine for lunch
• Sharing a pitcher of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc {love my white beer!}
• Laughing uncontrolably at a man who fell down {I was quiet but I had tears}
• Curry for dinner and this recipe I stole from Becca for desert
• 9$ bottle of wine all to myself {Gray Fox – my new bff}
• Outfit photos by my sister on the train tracks {in the next post}

What were YOUR weekend highlights??


3 thoughts on “Weekend in the Country – Same Old Song

  1. snow! i love it. maybe i can come stay with you one of these winters and you can teach me how to snowboard…?
    and i can’t wait for train track photos! i first fell in love (with you) when i last saw train track photos. eeeeeeee! :)
    miss your face.

  2. Brrrr…your photos always make me shiver! It looks beautiful, just frigid! Soooo, when I come to visit can we eat poutine for every meal (with $9 bottles of wine, of course)?

  3. I’m so glad you tried that recipe. Now we can talk about how easy and delicious it is. Ok, you go first. Yummmm, then come here and make me some!! And bring some of your new wine friend.

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