What I Wore | Land Ho!

When I was younger (ok last week) I used to pretend I had a telescope and then yell “Land” then I would point my imaginary telescope at my sister and then finish with the “ho!” part. Ohhhhh I crack myself up. Funny enough, she still agrees to take my outfit pictures. I guess I’m just too lovable *WINK*!

These train tracks are a stone’s throw away from my parents’ house. Handy when you are a style blogger… not so handy when the train passes in the middle of the night. I usually sleep through it (it must be all that wine and booze I consume when I visit) My family informed me last night that all I talk about on the blog is wine and beer. Funny how last night I only had one tiny glass out of the bottle of wine before it all dissapeared… those don’t sound like the actions of an alcoholic. I gotta bring out my A game… and my straw. A few hours after taking these pictures, I was trekking through snow and ice and cracked the heel of these boots. They are now being added to the “only wear in dry weather” category.

Grampa sweater – thrifted
Striped top – thrifted (previously and scandalously worn here)
Tank top – F21
Jeans – Gap
Belt – old
Boots – Winners
Vintage Coach Bag – Etsy
Hat – Joe Fresh
Scarf – Lost & found
Bracelet/earrings – thrifted


10 thoughts on “What I Wore | Land Ho!

  1. As a fashion blogger, I have 2 really stereotypical fantasies. 1. photos in an empty field with some tall grass and wild flowers 2. photos on a train track. Unfortunately, living in San Francisco, I would absolutely get run over if I tried to take picture on any sort of train tracks in the city. I’ll just have to keep dreaming – or come hang out at your parents house.

  2. Okay so I got sidetracked on theit’s website after reading your last post…that bag in Fawn is sold out but I’m definitely buying it for myself if/when it’s back. Because I’m worth it. ;)

    AND now onto this post, these photos are AMAZING. Sister done good. But the outfit is killer, how do you always look so chic and cozy at the same time?? Is it a gift all you Canadian people are born with?

  3. When I edit my posts before I post them (post, post, post), I usually take out any wine references that I automatically put in when I wrote it in the first place. Trying to keep my wine luv on the down lo…
    Seksi track shots lady!!!!!

  4. Oh you little minx in that cloche!

    I love this, and I love that you found blog tracks. Wait. Are we still calling them train tracks? I don’t think so. Not in America, anyway. They’re officially blog tracks.

    I love the bag and I miss your filthy mouth.


  5. that is my dream coach purse! i have a similar one in dark brown, i love how they fasten and can hold so much. These photos are just lovely, train tracks make everything so dreamy even if the train is super loud in the middle of the night.

    I love family reactions to blogging, there always your biggest fans and pick up on everything!


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