Weekend highlights

So my mom informed me today that I hadn’t blogged in 5 days. You’d think it had been 5 months. Unfortunately for the blog, it comes after work, school and sleeping/eating. When it starts paying the bills, I will bump it up to the top of the list, I promise. That means you guys need to start donating some serious cash cuz mama needs a new lens/laptop/scooter/private jet/house/horse… What was I talking about? Oh right, I’m busy and poor.

{Cue depression}

Oh and I quit kickboxing. It’s a great workout but I just don’t have time for it right now.

{sad face}

Weekend Highlights:
• Spring snowboarding
• Being outside withOUT a jacket. {This is serious stuff}
• Wearing my new maxi skirt {photos to come – Tigers & Roman numerals!}
• Directing a ‘photo shoot’ with Matt and my sister for school
• Making vegetarian chili
• Matt shaving off his beard and leaving a dirty mustache
• Watching  Easy A – Emma Stone is adorable… oh and have you seen THIS??


3 thoughts on “Weekend highlights

  1. miiiiiiiss youuuuuuu! for realz. looks like a fun weekend, lady.
    ps. you don’t need kick boxing. you already have great legs and a tight ass. not to mention…you’re a tough mama :)

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