What I Wore | 04.05.2011

Just in case you guys forgot what I look like, here’s a little reminder. Just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know I’m starting a new trend of matching umbrellas to skirts. You should join. P.S. It WAS raining earlier – contrary to what it may look like… that I’m a total poser just for matching’s sake.

In more exciting news, I found out yesterday I still had 3 vacation days left to take before they reset May 1st so I am taking an extended weekend to finish off my school project and do the things I’ve been neglecting, like cleaning and sleeping till noon. 

Black wool jacket – thrifted vintage
Red wool Skirt – Teenflo (gift)
Frilly umbrella – thrifted


7 thoughts on “What I Wore | 04.05.2011

  1. You are so clever and funny! I hope you have a brilliant time sleeping and whatnot! And I wish I needed an umbrella at some point to match my shit like that. It’s pretty freaking cute! :) by the way, you have some pretty freaking astounding legs too lady. I saw them in real life. So, ya. ;)

  2. Oh that’s what you look like?! Hmmm. Um btw, fun umbrella! I love how bright it is. I have a really fun leopard umbrella, but it’s so dinky that it isn’t really worth it to bring with me anywhere.

  3. Rain? What ever happened to ladies using umbrellas as protection from the sun? Then you have a reason for carrying one practically every day, rain or shine!
    Brilliant, I know. I do what I can.

    P.S. Your blog looks pretty sweet on my Android phone, turns out WordPress has got a decent ‘mobile’ setup. Just thought you might like to know.

    P.P.S. I hope there’s a matching polka-dot umbrella/skirt set in your arsenal… or plaid would be equally awesome.

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