Emily and Hurley – Ya’ll ready for this?

With my head cut off at the top there, you could almost imagine that I’m actually Morgan and that she is cheating on Lua with Hurley. Don’t worry though, Morgan would never cheat on Lua. When her blog turned the ripe old age of… one, she decided to do something much more amazing than the usual here’s what I learned this year post. If you want to hear more about the giveaway (which ends on Friday but I am not encouraging you to enter because I want to win) check out the ‘deets’ here. Oh and you should stalk her if you don’t already cuz she’s a hottie with a body.

THIS post was my inspiration. Mine’s just adapted to the colder weather. When I saw this fleece jacket, I’m pretty sure my first thought was that it made me think of Morgan – Awwwwwwww, right? (I think she has a secret plaid fetish – I would know, I spent a long time combing through her archives to pick a look to copy)

Hurley needs to take some dog modeling lessons from Lua. He does not pose for the camera like she does – in fact he’s afraid of it. He may be a big baby but he’s my big baby {see last picture for proof of our undying love}

In true Morgan form, I threw together a quinoa dish with mandarins, snow peas and green onions. I hadn’t bought quinoa in about 2 years and I’m glad I’ve brought it back into my pantry. I have a bunch of recipes I want to try now. I enjoyed eating a healthy dinner and drinking many cups of tea. It was a good day, maybe I’ll impersonate Morgan more often.

Fleece Jacket – from my mom | Knit Scarf – lost n found| Heart Necklace – thrifted |
Jeans – thrifted | Knee Socks – Walmart | Vintage Boots – Etsy | Sunglasses – F21? |
Attitude – Morgan


5 thoughts on “Emily and Hurley – Ya’ll ready for this?

  1. You little Minx. Now I want that quinoa. I haven’t had it cold yet, and you put some tasty things in there.

    The outfit, obviously, spot on. You know me too well. I definitely have a flannel obsession going on, but I try not to over post about it. Although the truth is that I wore that blue one every weekend this fall/winter. You got it right all the way down to the long necklace. Masterpiece lady.

    Hurley is so cute. He doesn’t need to be shy, he’s too handsome for that!!
    Thank you so much Emily!

  2. OMG, those last shots are soooo cute! Hurley does love you…awwww!

    These photos scream “MORGAN” to me, so well done! I have to say, Morgan has some serious style, because every spin on it that I’ve seen has been amazing!

    Ummmm, I see your hair grows out looking all cute and whatnot. Are you perfect in every way?

  3. You do a dead on morgan impression. You really got her style down. This contest is going to be a tight competition, I’ve seen so many fun Morgan looks! And Hurley deserves some compliments too – he’s looking quite handsome there.

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