What I Wore | Leopards and Tigers and …roman numerals?

I found this skirt 2 weeks ago at the salvation army’s 50% off sale. I’ve been looking for a maxi skirt for a while now (I blame Clare) and since I don’t really shop in stores anymore, I always check out what the thrift stores have to offer. Usually I come out of that rack empty handed but on this particular Saturday when I was going for a completely different reason and had no idea the sale was on, I came out with this bad boy. Tigers, leopards and roman numerals, need I say more?

AND THEN I paired it with these leopard flats that I also picked up at the salvation army for something like 5$. I’m pretty sure they are brand new, they show no wear on anywhere. They will be perfect for me to change into to go to and from work. I think the combination cat on cat is the perfect subtle-crazy-lady amount. Business on the top (if you work in a coffee shop?) and party on the bottom (if you’re a modest partyer).

p.s. do any of my Canadian readers think of Kenny vs Spenny every time they hear the brand name Penny loves Kenny? No? Just me?

Black cardigan – Winners
Wrap skirt – thrifted Simon Chang
Leopard flats – thrifted Penny loves Kenny
Bag – thrifted
Aviators – old


4 thoughts on “What I Wore | Leopards and Tigers and …roman numerals?

  1. so surprised your dog is behaving himself! i’m sure he’s getting some INTENSE cat pheromones wafting from this outfit. love it!!!!! cat on cat is the new denim on denim :)

  2. I love the bizarro print. I bet no one else in the world has a leopard and roman numeral skirt. Unless this was a big thing back in the 70’s that I’m too young to know about. How quirky and fun. Btw – “nice skirt”

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