Weekend Highlights

– Having a friend who will lend you camera lenses = awesome.
– I love cooking but I LOVE having someone cook me breakfast.
– Finally some warm weather, I got to air out my knees.
– Reunited with my good friend chocolate after 40 – long – days.
– Hanging out with the family.
– Clothing swapping with my sister. (we’re both trying to cut down…)
– Did I mention I’m devouring eating chocolate again?
– Scoring 2 skirts at the thrift store for under 8$ (combined).
– 2 day Big Bang Theory marathon (this made being productive rather difficult)


5 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. Your knees saw the sun? I thought Montreal got another storm this week? Could be urban elgend talk though…
    Your easter sound pretty similar to mine… except I don’t have a sister or don’t really watch Big Bang Theory… but I did eat chocolate ok?

  2. Mmm chocolate. I did not get an easter bunny this year, but now I want to go to Duane Reade and see if they’re selling them at half price. Cheap and chubby? YUP. That’s meeeeeeeee.

    What kind of lens? Is it a wide angle one? Because then I want it. Gimme!!

  3. Shut up and mail me Cadbury eggs. No, really. Stop reading this and go do it. Yum yum yum! Um also, I just read Ashley’s comment and it appears we both have a major case of the gimmes.

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