What I Wore | The bee’s knees

My apologies if the second picture made you squint from the sun reflecting off my alarmingly pale skin. Hey there shoulders, how ya been!? Knees, nice to see you’re still there. I wore this Friday (tho the coat stayed on) when I went on a little adventure downtown to meet a friend who was lending me his 17-85mm lens until the new 24-70 comes out later this year. Isn’t he a sweetie pie? I ended up waiting an hour – I was early, his workshop went on longer than he thought – so I spent a good hour sitting outside, soaking up the sun chit chatting with Becca on my phone. I’m really enjoying the new lens, gotta get used to the extra weight but I feel much more legit walking around with my camera now. Oh and you know that April post about the things I wanted… well turns out I want a different lens. And it’s gonna cost twice as much. Maybe I’ll start looking for a second job.

Jamie sent me this Split dress and I’ve been dying for summer so I can wear it every day. It has such cute button detailing, POCKETS and it’s not too short that I have to worry about never bending over.

Blue dress – Split
Black sweater jacket – Old Navy (old)
Black boots – thrifted in Reno
Beige arm warmers – Gap
Silver bracelets – thrifted and Aldo
Sunglasses – F21?

I snapped a few photos after I got the lens. It was 6pm so the sun was starting to set and was creating some interesting lighting that I felt the need to capture. Ah Montreal, such an interesting city. I’ll be sure to document the city a little more this year. I feel like so many people have no idea what it’s got to offer, even us locals take it all for granted!



4 thoughts on “What I Wore | The bee’s knees

  1. I would love to see more pics of Montreal. Have I ever mentioned that I went to UVM in Burlington, VT? Before I was old enough to drink legally (or smart enough to buy a fake ID), I spent far too many weekends in Montreal drinking it up at places like Peel Pub. Unfortunately, my explorations of the city were mostly in search of cheap booze and music (at the Molsen Centre)!

    Now, let’s talk about how I needed my sunglasses to look at that second photo. I wish you had posted this sooner. We could have started accepting donations to the “Send Emily to Mexico to Get a Tan and See Santina” fund. Just kidding! You look gorgeous in your LBD!

  2. girl, come stand next to me and you will feel 100 times better about your glowing skin! i embrace it, so it’s ok. :)
    you are rocking that LBD! isn’t it so freeing to finally rip off the coat?!
    and i would love to see more photos of your city! montreal is on my list of places to visit.

  3. Hello knees!! So glad there is no more snow in your neck of the woods. It was literally getting me a little depressed to see. Also I’m so excited to get to see some of the photos that were taking with the lens you’ve been yapping about! They look great! I hope you’ll be sharing lots more while you and the lens get to know each other.

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